3 Tree Related Activities for Kids

Is it your kids summer holidays? Are they bored out of their mind? Or are they just spending all day on the iPad? Either way, it’s time to introduce them to the great outdoors. The number of activities you can do outside are limitless, but kids these days don’t know what to do when they’re told to play outside. It’s not their fault. They just haven’t been exposed to all the great things they can do.

Since we love trees, we’ve decided to give you 3 great tree-related activities for your kids to enjoy and appreciate.


Treehouses might sound cliché, but they are easily one of the best ideas. It’s great exercise for both kids and adults, and gives them a chance to bond. As a bonus, your children get a private place to go to in the garden. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated with individual rooms and windows, just a roof and a place to sit. If you’re skilled at woodwork, you can add in more details.

Build a scrapbook

My parents gave me this great idea one summer holiday. They bought me a scrapbook and told me to collect leaves from different trees in our garden and the park. I pasted the leaves in the scrapbook and using a book from the library, I identified all the types and wrote a few interesting facts about each under the pasted leaf. I learnt a lot, enjoyed that summer, and was out of my mother’s hair for the summer ;)

Arts and craft projects

Get your kid busy with DIY arts and craft projects using fallen bark and twigs from trees. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and YouTube where you use bits of trees in an art project. You can create bowls, keychains, magnets, and other cool decorative pieces for your home.

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