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Our Amazing Tree Ketubot

Our specialty is classic and modern ketubot... with trees.

  • A Cutout Tree II Ketubah

    A Cutout Tree II Ketubah

  • Greenery Ketubah

    Greenery Ketubah

  • A Tree Ketubah

    A Tree Ketubah

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Affordable & Museum-Quality Ketubot

Any Tree Ketubah

All Ketubot are a magnificent 16″ x 24″ On Verona Giclée

Only $160

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Our Couples Love Every Tree Ketubah We've Created

We haven't had a client who didn't think it was perfect yet!

Thank you for all your help and the great Ketubah. It was a beautiful day and a number of people commented on how beautiful and unusual our Ketubah was.

client Lindsay & Jon Faranda Ketubah Love from North Carolina

Thank you so much for helping to make our Ketubah special and meaningful. Everyone really loved all of the personal touches that were included. (Our Rabbi was VERY impressed!). You guys did an outstanding job capturing all of the unique aspects of our interests and relationship together in a beautiful piece of art. We can’t wait to display it on our wall!

client Ilyssa & Michael Berman Ketubah Love from New York

Jessica and I have our Ketubah hanging in our home with extreme pride. We LOVE that beyond everything it represents symbolically, it is also a piece of art that we are excited and proud to display on our wall. We couldn’t wait to hang ours! We get nothing but huge compliments on it…

client Jessica & Joshua Klein Ketubah Love from New Jersey

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We Also Have Some Ketubot Without Trees

Although we love ketubot with trees, sometimes we get inspired and create some without trees!

  • Heart String Ketubah I

    Heart String Ketubah I

  • Sun Circle Ketubah

    Sun Circle Ketubah

  • Heart Mark II Ketubah

    Heart Mark II Ketubah

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Proud to be part of the Team Ketubah Family

tinak-lGolden tree Ketubah is proud to be a member of the Team Ketubah family of Ketubah artists. Team Ketubah is a group of a few dozen ketubah artists and their friends who collaborate closely to create world-class ketubot. Team Ketubah has produced over 1,600 ketubot, ranging from the Chassidic and most traditional, to the most modern. The Team includes some of the best known brands in the ketubah world, such as the first modern ketubah artistic team, Tinak: This is not a Ketubah, Yes it is.

Featured Partner Ketubot

Working closely with our partner Tinak (This is not a Ketubah, Yes it is), we have some special featured ketubot of theirs, as well. Note that these ketubot are slightly more expensive than our standard ketubot.

  • The Forest Keepers Ketubah

    The Forest Keepers Ketubah

  • The Loving Embrace Ketubah

    The Loving Embrace Ketubah

  • The Birds Of Paradise Ketubah

    The Birds Of Paradise Ketubah

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