A Tree Ke­tubah

Size:16" x 24" (Other sizes available)
Material:Verona Giclée (Other materials available)
Personalization:$75 (Optional) Read more
Shipping:$18 or free domestic USA non-rush shipping with personalization (international & rush available) See all shipping options

Artist Statement

A sin­gle grand tree stands its ground against the blue sky in this na­ture in­spired ke­tubah. The tree is fash­ioned in the style of a com­put­er gen­er­at­ed im­age with no added de­tails. The thick trunk of the tree sig­ni­fies many years of growth and a durable strength that on­ly gets stronger with time. The lush green branch­es por­tray a healthy tree which is well nour­ished and cared for.

This ke­tubah is great for peo­ple who find sta­bil­i­ty in their re­la­tion­ship. Man has de­pend­ed on trees since the dawn of time for food, shel­ter and warmth, and still con­tin­ue to do so; re­la­tion­ships from which cou­ples draw emo­tion­al sup­port are akin to a strong and weath­ered tree. The tough­ened con­nec­tion de­vel­oped be­tween two peo­ple is hard to break and on­ly gets stronger with time.

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