Fake Papercut Tree Ketubah

Size:16" x 24" (Other sizes available)
Material:Verona Giclée (Other materials available)
Personalization:$75 (Optional) Read more
Shipping:$18 or free domestic USA non-rush shipping with personalization (international & rush available) See all shipping options

Artist Statement

The leaf-less branches of thick, old trees make up the winter view of a window, set against a lake, snowy grounds and a cloudy sky. The teal water of the lake behind the tree is enclosed by banks of snow, and the blue sky is feathered with thick clouds.

This ketubah is perfect for couples who love winter and the silent beauty outdoors when the landscape is stripped from greenery. The season of winter is a time of renewal, hope and rebirth. Couples who wish to start their relationship afresh with the commencement of their marriage will find this ketubah suitable. The ketubah also describes those couples that have survived bad times together only to emerge stronger than ever before.

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