Halftone Tree I Ketubah

Size:16" x 24" (Other sizes available)
Material:Verona Giclée (Other materials available)
Personalization:$75 (Optional) Read more
Shipping:$18 or free domestic USA non-rush shipping with personalization (international & rush available) See all shipping options

Artist Statement

A pop art inspired ketubah featuring a tree, with polka dots for leaves, is reminiscent of the 70’s disco era. The funky design in a diverse pop of colours is eye catching and distinct. The stooped tree gives off an image of a dancing tree. The leaves too seem to be jumping in the fun as large dots in the air.

This ketubah is perfect for couples who have that electrical energy and spend their time dancing to their whims and sundry interests. Couples who love to have fun and have a spark for excitement and adventure will find this ketubah representative of what their relationship is all about.

The Yellow and Blue Half Tone Ketubah is part of the Half Tone Ketubah Series of Ketubah. Please see the series page to see the same ketubah in different colours.

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