Our Process


Our Com­mis­sioned Ke­tubah Process con­sists of five steps.

1 — Interview

First, We In­ter­view You. We on­ly work with those who are ready to work close­ly with our artists to de­sign the ex­act Ke­tubah you want. We need to learn about you and what you’re look­ing for in a Ke­tubah be­fore we move for­ward with your com­mis­sioned art. To ap­ply, just con­tact us. Dur­ing the in­for­ma­tion­al in­ter­view, we will ask you all the in­for­ma­tion we need in or­der to com­plete the Ketubah.

2 — Deposit

Once our team has con­fi­dence in the project, you must give us a 25% de­posit. This de­posit will guar­an­tee you 3 sketch­es of pos­si­ble Ke­tubot de­signs. Note that since we on­ly choose which ke­tubot are reusable at the end of the process, the de­posit is pro­por­tion­al based on the com­plete price, no the reusable price.

3 — Sketches

We will then give you 3 sketch­es, cre­at­ed just for you in or­der to let you choose your fa­vorite lay­out for the Ke­tubah. Then you must choose your fa­vorite sketch from the 3 sketch­es we’ve de­signed for you. Your fi­nal com­mis­sioned Ke­tubah will be based on your se­lec­tion. See some ex­am­ples of our sketch­es here

4 — Balance

You must con­firm you want the Ke­tubah by pay­ing the bal­ance for the re­main­der of the work. Up­on re­ceiv­ing this con­fir­ma­tion, we will be­gin work on the fi­nal Ke­tubah for you, hold tight this takes a few weeks! Note: if your Ke­tubah is a ful­ly com­mis­sioned ke­tubah, then the bal­ance due is 75% of the to­tal price. But if your Ke­tubah is re-us­able, then the bal­ance to be paid is just the dif­fer­ence be­tween the de­posit and the re-us­able price.

5 — Re­view & Deliver!

Fifth and fi­nal­ly, you will be emailed the al­most-fi­nal Ke­tubah to Re­view. If you have any small changes or tweaks, you will let us know at this point, and we will make them! We will al­so re­view the text with your Rab­bi to fi­nal­ize the Ke­tubah, since we need his sign-off. Once the tweak­ing has fin­ished, we will Print & Mail You the Fin­ished Ke­tubah. Con­grat­u­la­tions, you now have a work of art–and a Ketubah!

Voilà! All done!