Text Personalization


Golden Tree can optionally personalize any Ketubah.

What is personalization?

The traditional ketubah text — and modern versions of it, too — come with blanks in the text, to fill in the names of the couple, their parents, the location, etc. “On ________ [insert date here], the groom _________ [insert name here] and the bride _________ [insert name here]….”. Some rabbis, by tradition and convention, fill in the text themselves. But other couples and rabbis prefer it when we use our digital calligraphy to fill it in ourselves – so the text is all consistent and even, and the only writing anyone needs to do when they sign the ketubah is sign their names!

But don’t worry: if we do the personalization for you, then we verify it with you and your rabbi in order to ensure it is 100% perfect before we print it.

The cost of the personalization is $75 (except rush personalization — within the last 3 weeks before the wedding — has a $15 rush fee, for a total cost of $90).