Tree Bound III Ketubah

Size:16" x 24" (Other sizes available)
Material:Verona Giclée (Other materials available)
Personalization:$75 (Optional) Read more
Shipping:$18 or free domestic USA non-rush shipping with personalization (international & rush available) See all shipping options

Artist Statement

The Tree Bound Ke­tubah fea­tures a ma­jes­tic tree risen from the ground which con­tains the tex­tu­al mat­ter of the ke­tubah. The sil­hou­ette of the tree and grass stands against a sol­id white back­ground, with on­ly the loose leaves in the wind sur­round­ing it, adding a zing of colour. The tree, a sym­bol of strength and en­durance has bloomed from the seeds of promis­es made in the sign­ing of the ketubah. 

This ke­tubah is per­fect for those who com­mit to em­brace every promise that mar­riage holds. Cou­ples who wish to take their ke­tubah as a start­ing point for a stronger and sta­ble re­la­tion­ship will find that the art fea­tured on this ke­tubah re­flects those values. 

The Mauve Tree Bound Ke­tubah is part of our Tree bound Se­ries of Ke­tubah. Please see the se­ries page to see the same ke­tubah in dif­fer­ent colours.

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