Family Tree Ketubahs

Many, many years ago your great-great-great-grandparents were signing their ketubah, as you will some time soon. At the time it was just the two of them, but now decades later you’re a small part of a large family. It won’t be surprising if you don’t even know half your relatives, but the ones you do know are your support system. Whether you disagree or not, you can always count on them to be there for you.

Judaism places a lot of importance on family and maintaining close ties with your relatives. Ask any Jew about their most memorable Jewish traditions, and each occasion will involve family members. Passover Seders at your grandparents’ house, lighting Chanukah candles with your elders, or eating Shabbat and other Jewish meals at home all emphasise the significance of family in Jewish rituals.

Family trees all begin with the signing of a ketubah. For couples who want to pay homage to their family and ancestors, a blooming family tree is the perfect symbol. The same goes for people who want to dedicate their ketubah to future generations.

A family tree ketubah sounds like a Pinterest project, with pictures and embellishments. As fascinating as that sounds, it’s not sustainable. Ketubahs are meant to last forever, which is why you should consider a high-quality ketubah illustrated and painted by professional artists. You can further customise your ketubah by adding unique elements special to your family as adornments to the tree branches, like your grandfather’s favorite bird or the roses your mother likes to grow in her backyard.

Ketubahs are no longer a document you roll up and lock in a safety deposit box, but a work of art with unique meaning and significance etched into every word and stroke. Family tree ketubahs will always remind you and your children of the most important thing in life – family!


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